Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lottie's Trip To Bohol [Day 4]

Lottie didn't want to leave the resort, lol. But our flight back home was very early so we had to get moving.


Lottie's silhouette shots are so cool!

Low tide. Look at that!!

Parts of the beach has dried up!

I love how the sand has these formations under the water.

The sand had tiny holes. They were filled with tiny crabs!!! Come take a look at these:

The water around the boat dried up so it was already docked on the sand.

Obligatory photos. "I will miss you, beach!"

This is the infinity pool. To the right is the pool that was 12 foot deep. I survived that!

Lottie watching a school of koi fish.

Handicrafts being sold at the lobby of the resort.

This bird was fascinated by Lottie!

"Goodbye, Bohol! Thank you for having us!"

Look, that's the shadow of our plane!

Hope we could go on another trip in the future! It was so much fun!

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