Friday, April 14, 2017

Bootleg Moana Restyle

I restyled my bootleg Moana doll. I wanted her to look urban chic or something. Here's my favourite restyle so far.

The hat and the hoodie are from Paddington Bear. The skirt is Barbie, I believe. The tights are from Ballet Barbara, and the shoes are owned by my Food Market Mii-chan.

I removed the hoodie and the skirt, and gave Moana a Barbie top. I like the top on her, but I feel that her tights doesn't give her much coverage, like she needs something else down there to go with the tights, but I didn't have a lot of skirts to offer her, so whatever, haha.

In the process of dressing her up with other styles, I seem to have lost her red top, booooo. I don't know where it is. So I decided to turn her skirt into a dress. 

Oh and I just realised that I can position her legs in a such way that she would look pigeon-toed. It's so cute.