Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Goofing Off With Asha

The day I was about to leave Bohol, I realised that I've only taken photos of Lottie and have never touched the pool at the resort, so I brought out Asha and check out the pool.

Check out her reverse prayer pose! 

And her dancer pose!

Is this a warrior pose?

Good job, Asha! Now how I do get into stretching regularly like that?? lol

Before I even left for Bohol, I took these photos of Asha because I wanted to say thanks for the pillow I got from a fan meet for a band I like, and tease my newfound friends in the process because I want to make them jealous, lol.

Asha's basically acting out the part of a big fan that couldn't contain her excitement, so she was all over this tiny pillow.

At first I was doubtful that the fans would like my doll. I had that fear that some people just might not understand adult doll collecting, but I was totally floored that they do!! Some asked for Asha's name, and one even asked me what kind of Barbie she is!

There were also people who told me how life-like she looked, that they've mistaken her as a real person at first glance, or that they thought that the pillow was really huge.

I also met an old friend and a new friend recently, and I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that they also bring and photograph a personal toy (in their case, plush animals) with them whenever they go travel! They get it, they get me; I'm with the right crowd!

I made a few more afterwards:

It's funny how these photos made the fans feel jealous again, because they feel protective about these guys, while here comes a doll ~stealing their man while looking cute. LOL. It's all for fun, nothing serious.

I might bring Asha to a series of yoga classes soon. Nothing's set in stone at this moment, so we'll see. In the mean time, I need to make shirts Asha can wear during yoga!

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