Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Once Upon A Zombie Book Two: Lord of The Curtain

I just received an email from Once Upon A Zombie about the second book in their book series, and it has been revealed that it is called Book Two: Lord of The Curtain! Check out the book cover:

It features a zombie with red hair, red eyes, a gingham top and a necklace that reads "Dorothy". That's right, it's Zombie Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!

I wonder if she will have a doll soon! Her hairstyle is a little bit close to Zombie Alice, with the two braids, but Zombie Dorothy has bangs.

I also wonder whatever happened to plans of releasing Zombie Snow Queen and Zombie Red Queen... are they pushing it through? Lots of questions for one of my favourite doll lines.

The book, as I looked up online, had been in the works since 2015. Thank goodness that it's coming along nicely.

/Look, the cover has also been shared on OUAZ's official Instagram page:

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