Friday, April 14, 2017

I've Gone Back To Toys R Us

It's been a while since I've been to Toys R Us, and so when the opportunity came, I just had to go there and look around.

Twozies are finally here. They're quite expensive though. These figures remind me of Kewpie so much!

Nah I don't think I can afford buying any blind box soon.

The Ever After High shelf.

Apple White. I didn't like Apple's old face, it was so sad looking, so this reboot face is much better for me. But it's still bland, so I'm still not feeling Apple. She's just not my favourite.

Bunny is pretty cute. Her smile though is not something I prefer for her because her character is a bit shy or reserved, and I feel that her smile now doesn't reflect that.

I like Raven. She's one of my favourite characters in the series. When I first saw the promo photos of Raven's new face, I was disgusted. But it has grown on me since then. I like her face here. Even though she's expected to become evil because she's the daughter of the Evil Queen, she's good and definitely one of the nicest girls in the Ever After High campus.

OMG Venus from Gloom and Bloom is on sale for P500. I swear, this doll is the one that made me understand Monster High's appeal. The dress is so perfect and her hairstyle looks awesome with the undercut! I didn't get her though because I'm saving my money for a concert, lol.

I was thinking of getting Skelita's signature doll too because it was on sale for P500, but I didn't get her either. Look, I'm at the point where I know I should stop collecting Monster High dolls for a while because I have tons to salvage and fix, and the reboot couldn't come anymore timely.  I just feel my collecting interests have changed and I'm shifting to something else, I don't know what, but I know that Monster High is still close to my hobbyist heart, lol.

Barbie accessory packs! This is awesome!

I like this one. It's good for scenes at the beach!

5 pairs of shoes for P299.75? Not bad. That's like P60 for each pair and that's like the same price for bootleg Barbie shoes sold online, and these ones are authentic! And you don't need to pay extra for shipping. I think it's worth it.

Sushi set!

This Barbie Dreamtopia playset for Kelly! It's so cute!

I feel that Lottie can sit in there just fine. But she can't sleep in there because it's too small for her. Ah! It's so cute!

Barbie furniture sets!!!

For the beach!

For the dining room!

For lounging in the backyard, perhaps!

For the living room!

Ah!!! So so cute!

I think I've seen these Disney Descendants Jewelbilee dolls before, so they're not really new.

Ally is ok. Not my favourite.
By the way, I found a signature Ally doll for P500 but I thought hard and decided not to get her either. I have two Evies now; those should suffice as my only Descendants dolls in my collection. I know I have a small collection of Alice in Wonderland themed dolls, but I'm not feeling her doll for some reason even though I think she's adorable.

Evie! My dear Evie! She looks so sassy!

Whoa, a budget Mal doll? Non-articulated elbows but with knee joints? What...

Nah, I'm not feeling this either.

Hasbro Ariel and her stuff.

Snow White and her artsy fartsy skirt!

She looks cute from this angle.

Barbie budget doll packs. Hmm.

These are the old budget dolls. I don't know if it's really a good deal to get them.

A cutie patootie Barbie with a rainbow inspired outfit and pink sculpted hair!

Num Noms that light up!

Yeah they're expensive.

A metals die cast of the Red Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! I just examined this one because I have a small collection of Red Rangers.


  1. Some window shopping you got here he he he, I do this also to check out what's new and what's on sale, I rarely buy new dolls.