Thursday, April 6, 2017

Getting Back Into The Groove

I'm taking photos again. This is good!

Forever Red!

My growing number of Red Rangers, lol. I don't know if I want to get more. I just know that this is a cool bunch. There's Gosei Red from Goseiger, Gokai Red from Gokaiger, and two Tyranno Reds from Zyuranger!!

I recently found this Sit In Style Kira (right), and she is so lovely. She has finally met my other Kira sculpt doll, Animal Lovin Nikki. I'll keep calling Nikki as Kira, and Kira as Marina, which is the official name of Kira in Europe!

Kira and Marina

They're so cute together!!!

My Madame Alexander x McDonald's toys! The cowardly lion in the front is actually missing her original hair, so I just stringed some brown yarn together, stuck it on her head with hot glue, and combed it to make it fluffy. Her hair now is big and glorious!

My Sylvanian Family cow meets Cattleena!

I rescued another Dawn doll (left)!

Both their legs are mangled, but meh, I can deal with that.

A Frankendoll I made last night. The head is from Hookfang of How To Train Your Dragon! I found this dragon head at the thrift store and I was like, dang, this could be a doll head.

The body is the TNT body Nakoma used to own. It has a broken neck, so I figured, I'll just hack the whole neck off with a hand saw, and stick in the dragon head. It worked!

Hookfang is wearing a turtle neck, to hide the glue because the process isn't seamless anyway. This custom doll is giving me Zootopia vibes! Do you feel it?

And... I found these inflatable cup holders at SM Department Store, at the Kids Section!! I was so surprised, I had to grab two! There were more designs like different coloured donuts, pineapple, and yellow duck, but I went with these two instead.

If you remember a previous post, I also bought an Intex inflatable boat. I think I'm going float crazy, am I right? Hahaha.

Out of the plastic...

Blown up!

Lottie can sit in there, I guess, but she has her own pool floats that fit her much nicer.

Asha, trying out the donut float. The donut bite is so perfect for Asha's feet! Oh and sorry about the mess on my table. You can see Lottie in the shot, and even an Emma Bunton head and her body.

Hookfang trying out the watermelon float, for scale. Awesome? Yeah.


  1. Haha. The dragon head is so wacky :D

    1. I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you!!