Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ballet Barbara

I found this doll a while back at the thrift store. I only got her for P36, hahaha. I was really interested in her clothes.

The back of the box. The photo looks really cute.

Without the plastic. I really like the white outfit. It's composed of a white shimmery leotard, white tights, and a white tutu skirt. I actually gave the outfit to my second Disney Descendants Evie doll (Yeah, I have two now!) because she's the only one who could fit in the clothes.

Barbara's body is made of plastic, and it's hollow. She's shorter than Barbie and Liv! I don't know if she's Skipper sized.

Her hair is not generously rooted, as usual.

And her neck knob is round.

For me, she's actually a throwaway doll, aww, but I don't know who else can wear the pink outfit. It's a halter style dress and you have to remove the doll's head to secure the strap around her neck! I can only do that with Barbara and not the other dolls I have, so that's a problem. But I can probably replace the straps with a different one so that I could use it on other dolls. We'll see...


  1. The outfits look so cute :D
    In my area, there are no thrift store that sells dolls.
    You are so lucky

    1. Hope you find a store near you soon. I haven't been to the thrift store lately because I got so busy and I'm trying to save money haha.