Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Food Market Mii-chan and Lottie's World

I got a Food Market Mii-chan from a seller I met personally. He said it was his daughter's but she has  already grown up and the doll has been neglected. He also said it was bought in Japan.

She wasn't wearing her original outfit, but I also bought a lot of clothes from the same seller and found her original shirt, her cap, shoes and even her pants in it. However, I've already sold her pants to a buyer before I even realised that it's part of the Food Market set. Sigh.

Anyway, I like Mii-chan because of her hair. It's so silky. I think she's supposed to have a pony tail on each side of her hair, but nah. I like her hair down like this.

Fortunately my doll's arms and legs can bend so she can do poses like this. Mii-chan.. what a wonderful addition to my Takara doll collection.

Meanwhile, I started a doll project. I call it Lottie's World. It's just a series of photos of Lottie doing or trying things. I think she inspires me the most when it comes to diorama making.

I sewed Lottie's sweater and messed up the neck line, but I can just look at it as part of the sweater's style. I have to mend Lottie's skirt because the waist band at the back has unravelled. You can't see it in the photo though because the sweater hides it.

This set up was pretty easy, just the way I like it. The background is a sticker sheet filled with planets and stars stickers. It goes so well with this globe I bought with it at a department store. The globe is actually a Maped pencil sharpener! I will never sharpen my pencils with it because I don't want it to get dirty, haha!

I made the iPad and the Goosebumps book. The rabbit is a Kaiyodo figure. The two pieces of carrots are from a small rubber figure of a hot plate meal. The table is made by Mattel, I think, and I thrifted it. The clear acrylic seat is not really a seat but a water container from the Monster High Color Me Creepy pack. It has the perfect height for Lottie and the table.

Convenient to set up, convenient to store away... this is what I want. I don't think I can handle a doll house because I know I will get bored.

I realised that it's much easier for me to make scenes for Lottie because of her size and portability, so I'm focusing my diorama efforts on her. Other dolls that could be included in the scenes I shall make are just going to be supporting characters.

This means I will buy fewer clothing for Barbies and other dolls, and find more items that are proportionate to Lottie. I'm glad that even though Lottie is small, she can actually use Barbie items, except the shoes, of course.

I'm aware that Lottie can somewhat share clothes with Monster High dolls, which I have plenty of, but I'm slowing down my Monster High doll collecting, or I'm putting a stop to it because I have so much now. Besides, the resale value of Monster High dolls, clothes and items is really high, so I don't think I can afford to buy more.

Ah! What else can I do with Lottie??! This excites me.


  1. Hi sis, do you have like a blogpost that showcase all of your takara dolls? Really wanna see em :D

    1. I only have two Liccas, one Jenny, one Pierre, and one Compact Doll. This doesn't include two Liccas I've been meaning to sell but couldn't.

    2. Oh and I just write about them here. Look for my Takara tag.