Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Thrifted Ever After High Dolls

I went to the thrift store again and found so many Monster High and Ever After High dolls with no arms, it was so sad. I wanted to adopt them all and take care of them but of course, that's impossible.

I saw one of the werecat twins (I don't now if it's Meowlody or Pursephone), Catty Noir, Jane Boolittle, Gigi Grant, Spectra Vondergeist, and Venus McFlytrap (I think it's the Gloom and Bloom version because of the undercut). There were also a number of Draculaura, Cleo de Nile, Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue and Frankie Stein dolls, a Freak du Chic one, even. 

There was a Disney Descendants Evie doll with no hands, and also an articulated Project MC2 McKeyla doll with a missing arm and no hands. I was thinking twice about getting McKeyla, but I didn't want to start another doll collection, so I put her back. And a broken Cutie Pops doll with a whole leg missing, lol. She even had her shoe on the remaining leg, and boy it was a cute shoe.

And on to the Ever After High dolls! I almost got a Poppy O'hair!! I like her character, and her hair is beautiful, but when I saw the doll, I was rather disappointed. It looks so blank. Even though she is on my wish list, I didn't get her still. I was just not convinced to get her. There was also a stained Apple White and Cerise Hood. What a waste. I don't think I could save their face because they were stained with ink!

I did get these two, though.

A Bunny Blanc Carnival Date version! She is the daughter of The White Rabbit from Wonderland. I love her hair. I gave her new hands and dressed her like this. Her head piece is from Shopkins Shoppies Jessicake. Her dress is Takara, secured at the waist with a red loom band because it was too wide for her. Her necklace is something I made out of scrap plastic, and I made her shoes, too, with hot glue and acrylic paint!

Bunny is a great addition to my accidental collection of Alice in Wonderland dolls, lol. Now I have these:
  • Zombie Alice
  • Kitty Cheshire
  • Madeline Hatter
  • Lizzie Hearts
  • White Queen
  • Bunny Blanc
And I want to customise my Monster High C.A. Cupid to become the Red Queen, hehe.

Melody Piper, daughter of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Her hair is so beautiful, it reminds me of Storm from the X-men, haha. I actually sprayed her hair and Bunny's with Downy fabric conditioner mixed in with water before I cleaned them up with soap and water. Now her hair is really soft. I think I want to do this to my other dolls.

This wedding dress is just temporary. I don't know yet how I'd style her so it can bring out her personality. The new hands I gave her kept falling off, so I'll have to fix those. For this photo, I just hid her arms behind her skirt.

The yellow and green panels are new. I went back to Wilcon depot to get more vinyl tiles! Here's another new panel I used.

Oh Melody is beautiful!!

She seems more photogenic than Bunny.

Bunny's eyes are so wall-eyed so I had a difficult time taking her photo. I don't even like this photo because of the shadow at the back.

The Kaiyodo rabbit just has to be placed beside Bunny. They finally meet.

Also I tied a cord on push pins stuck on my desk, and made a clothesline out of it. Lottie's outfits look cute on it. And I was able to use the hangers I made out of paper clips again! These clothes should have been on a clothes rack I made almost two years ago, but it fell apart, so nope.

These two dolls are what I needed to continue working on the rest of my broken Monster High dolls. 



  1. How did you make the hot glue shoes? They look great! Mine have all turned out awful so I gave up.

    1. I just wrap the doll's feet with cling wrap then I draw on the plastic using a marker with the shape I want for the shoes. Flats are the easiest to draw because you just need to draw a line around the feet of the doll. Then I slowly cover the plastic with hot glue and wait for it to dry. Then I remove everything from the doll's feet and cut away the cling wrap. Then I painted the shoes with nail polish, and voila! Hot glue doll shoes, haha. Here's the result: