Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Making Glue Shoes and Plastic Hands

A while back I tried making doll shoes out of hot glue. It worked.

I didn't document the first time I made hot glue shoes. I made them from a mould, a clone Myscene boots that I imprinted on Play-doh four times: two on each side of one shoe, then two on the other shoe. I used a Create-A-Monster set of feet so I can hold them much better, and prepared them by slathering some petroleum jelly on it. Then I poured hot glue on one mould evenly and placed the foot onto it, pushed it down a little so that it would take up space and the hot glue would take shape around it. Then because the foot is slippery, I was able to remove it after the glue dried. I removed the Play-doh mould by hand and washed the excess from the dried up glue that has taken the shape of the mould. When I finished making all four halves of the shoes, I glued them together in the middle, except at the back part where you normally would find slits for doll shoes. I left it as it is so that the doll's feet can easily slide in and out of the shoes.

I painted the shoes in red and black, and I'm pretty sure that the only doll who wore them would be my Catrine DeMew BFC Inc hybrid doll before I customised her into a werecat burglar.

Next time I shall take a picture of it.

Here's the second method. It's done freehand.

I used cling wrap to cover the doll feet, then I used a marker to draw where I want to apply a hot glue. In this project, I only wanted to make a simple slip-on flats, so I just drew around the doll feet. Then I applied the hot glue evenly and carefully onto the surface and waited for it to dry. I used a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the cling wrap off of the doll feet and the dried glue. I didn't do so well on the inside of the shoes because apparently cling wrap doesn't resist hot glue, so it's stuck there for good, lol. I just removed whatever I could, and also trimmed the edges of the shoes to make it look neat. Sadly I made the left shoe deformed, but I didn't want to waste hot glue just to make a new one, so I continued working on both shoes by painting them using nail polish and outlining the design with a black marker. I was clearly thinking of Frankie Stein when I chose those colours, haha. This is so much easier to do than my previous method, but this was done freehand so I can't go very detailed with the design. My previous method allows me to pick up the small details of the shoes I want to copy because of the mould, but it's very time consuming to make four halves, than to put glue on the doll feet right away. It's likely of me to do more shoes this way than the previous method.

I also finished making doll arms and hands for five of my broken Monster High dolls. I also dressed them up.

Not the best style, but I did I what I could with what I had.

Elissabat is wearing a pink Takara dress tucked in the waist with a loom band to fit, a knitted hat, Winx Club socks, and CD-R King shoe charms. I really wanted to stick to her colour which is purple, and also stay true to her skin colour which is pink.

My two Lagoonas, Ghoulia and Clawdeen are all wearing Elly-chan kimono outfits. It's quite a shame that I can't sew them new outfits, but I figured, I have all these Daiso kimonos waiting to be worn. I didn't buy them for them just to go straight to storage. Of course they had to be worn!

By the way, Clawdeen above is the same Clawdeen who wore the pink kimono on this post. She actually suffers from glue seepage so her hair is sticky to touch. I dusted her hair with talcum powder, and decided to tie it up, which reminds me of the geisha hairstyle. I totally like her hair this way.

I wasn't able to photograph it, but afterwards I was able to make white socks for them too using balloons! It's this kind:

I only used one piece to make socks for the four of them, and even for my Sharpay Liv hybrid. I'll talk about how I did it on a future post!

I have around twenty more dolls to fix. Good luck to me!

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