Friday, November 25, 2016

Finger Football

When I was in the hospital for four days, I dreamt of dressing my dolls in football outfits and forming small teams of seven so they could play 5-aside of futsal, lol. So when I saw this finger football set, I thought that my Liv dolls might find this useful:

"Football Game"

The finger football set comes with 2 pairs of shoes, a football and two small goals.

A closeup of the shoes. They're not really shaped like football cleats though. More like, basketball shoes.

The back of the packaging.

These look nothing like the shoes in the pack.

Out of the packaging.

The ball isn't painted nicely, or the halves of the ball are not aligned perfectly.

The ball can fit the goal just fine. It's a very small goal so kicks toward the goal should be low.

My fingers trying out a pair of finger football shoes.

So I really had Liv dolls in mind when I bought this pack. I made Miley wear it, and I'm sorry that she's not wearing appropriate clothing to play football.

The shoes are actually too big for Liv feet, but Liv feet can possibly get stuck in there because the plastic around the hole is too hard for any wiggle room when removing doll feet.

Miley showing off her football skills.

Miley knows how to juggle a ball! And she didn't forget to raise her arms sideways to keep her balance and to protect her space from anyone trying to steal the ball! Practice makes perfect! Well done!

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