Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Evie from Disney Descendants

Foxxy Cleopatra and Evie

I found Evie (right) while thrifting! She is missing her left hand. The black paint on her gloved right hand is chipping off, and her toes have melted, oh my!

I chopped off her curls because they were getting unruly even after a boil wash, then I just tied her hair into a pony tail. I haven't given her a left hand but for now she can hide her wrist under her Barbie dress.

I smoothened what is left of her toes with a Sally Hansen nail file to remove the rough edges of the plastic. And I tried to rub off the rest of the paint on her gloved hands but I'm not done yet.

Oh and I gave her eyeliner using a black watercolor pencil. I had to wet the tip of the pencil so I can draw over her factory eye paint, then I sealed it with a satin sealant and a black cotton swab (because I don't have regular white one right now. Just a set of black ones from Japan Home Centre).

Not in photo are the shoes she's wearing. They are yellow CD-R King/Kenko World shoe charms that my Licca doll used to wear.

The blue chair that Evie is using is from Daiso. In that previous entry, I also posted about a green chair, but I gave that one away to someone I transacted with recently, because we were supposed to meet up one day and I was late and didn't make it on time. I gave my buyer that chair as a freebie the next day to make up for the lost time.

In the photo above is Foxxy Cleopatra sitting on a wooden shelf that looks like a staircase. My sister actually bought that for me at Daiso in Hong Kong when she visited my other sister there. I haven't even made a post of her Daiso haul for me, but soon I will.

The background is actually a gift wrapper that has pretty cute illustrations of ladies in nice outfits. It's actually a collaboration of National Bookstore and a blogger named Chuvaness, and the artist is Keeshia Felipe. I modified the wrapper a bit by covering the brand all over the wrapper with correction tape because I like the wrapper much better without it, lol sorry.

Let me talk about two of those illustrations that I like the most:

Photo lifted from Preview article

This one is actually based on the red dress by Yulia Yefimtchuk. It's clearly based off of that because of the pose of this model too.

Source: Opening Ceremony

The other illustration:

Photo lifted from Preview article
It says on the article that this is based on fashion by Junya Watanabe. I can't find the exact match so maybe it's just an inspired illustration of something like this:

Source: TheFashionSpot

Now I want to copy those looks for my dolls, hahah.