Sunday, November 20, 2016

Afro Barbie Doll

Why can I not resist! I have bought three dolls this month. Princess Grace, then Venus, and now her:

It's an African American Princess Ballerina doll. When I found her, she was missing her tiara and her sheer tutu. That's totally fine. What I noticed and what drew me to buying her was her hair. It's wavy from the roots and very curly at the ends. I thought she had potential. Even if I have three Nikkis already, I could make room for one more.

She's now a foxy sexy housewife, lol. My friend told me to dress her up in shorts, so I did. And this is the only shirt I could find. I would have loved to dress her up in gold or anything fabulous, but my doll clothing arsenal is very limited.

I let her curls down and separated the hair strands even more so that the curls would spread out. I could totally put her hairstyle back to an updo, but what's the fun in that? I already have a Made To Move Asha (yellow top) and her hair is already in an updo. Their hairstyles would look similar if I did that. Besides I only have two afro-haired dolls so far in my collection: Ari Roma and Honey Swamp. Ballerina would be a nice addition.

I switched her body with Film Director Barbie's because I like Film Director's pose and her articulated knees and ankles. I also like Ballerina's face much better than Film Director's because of her smaller eyes.

I actually need to form her curls so that the whole afro looks rounder. I've placed her in a small plastic bag so that gravity and pressure can work its own way of pressing her hair down to her head a bit. I don't want to apply heat, that's all.

This is how I want her to look. Her afro should look rounder, and fuller at the back.

Meanwhile, not in photo, Film Director's head is on Ballerina's Barbie. Because Film Director's hair part is in the middle, it's quite challenging to put her hair up. Meh, I like her hair straight and silky. I don't think I need to style her hair that way anymore.

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