Thursday, November 24, 2016

Real vs Fake Shopkins Blind Backpacks

So here's the review I have put off for a long time, but now I'm motivated enough to share, lol.

So above are the authentic Shopkins blind backpacks.

These, however, are fake.

They come in a box with a plastic cover meant to secure the backpacks.

Top: Real Shopkins blind backpacks
Bottom: Fake Shopkins blind backpacks

I'm comparing the backpacks by colour first. As you can see on the left, the pink backpack has a Petkins face with cat ears. On the other hand, the right pink backpack has dog ears.

On the left, the green backpack has a Petkins face with dog ears. On the right, the green backpack has a Petkins face with cat ears.

Also look at the open eye on both backpacks. The real one has a round eye that is looking downwards. The fake one has a curve lower lash line and the open eye is looking upwards.

Now I'm comparing the backpacks by design.
The pink backpack has a very thick S logo (which stands for Shopkins). Also the paint job of the Petkins face is much better. This is the real one.
On the left, you will notice that the S logo is very thin. Also the paint job of the Petkins face is quite faint.

I have a similar observation as the real backpack on the first photo as it is on the real backpack on this photo. The paint job of the left backpack is very good, and the S logo is thick. I think the belt that secures what is supposed to be the bag flap looks more defined than its counterfeit version's.

When you open the bags, you will see that the real backpack's inside is very smooth and polished. On the fake one, the finish inside is not smooth, and there are odd indentations.

Also notice that the real backpack has two holes that help keep the backpack shut. Meanwhile the fake one only has one hole.

It's easy to tell which are the real ones among the fake ones when it comes to the actual Shopkins. The real Shopkins are firm and the paint job is really good. These fake ones are squishy and the faceup paint is sloppily added.

So if you must get the blind backpacks, then you can probably get either or both fake and real backpacks, these fakes don't look far off from the real ones. I think it will be cool to even repaint them in other colours. The Shopkins inside the backpacks are a different story though. The fake ones are truly horrible.

I'm pretty sure there are other fake Shopkins out there that are not the squishy type, but the firm type, but I don't want to get them, lol.

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