Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I found Venus!

Long day yesterday!

It rained so hard, but I had to run my errands and ended up getting wet in the process, not to mention the mud stains on my thighs when someone carelessly stepped on a mud puddle in front of me.

Anyway, I found Venus McFlytrap at the thrift store! She's from the Ghouls' Night Out line! She has missing arms, but her hair is in perfect condition and so was her flocking on the side of her head. I gave her Create A Monster arms, both left arms haha, because I thought it would be the perfect time to donate CAM parts to a Monster High doll like Venus. They are green, which is perfect for her skin colour, and I had to shave down the pegs a little with a crafting knife and a diamond file. I also gave her green hands from a drink stirrer, and secured them on her arms with floral wire, hah. Really suits Venus, huh. I thought this wire is much daintier to look at, that I might as well start using it for my other broken dolls.

I dressed her up in pink and green because that's her theme colour.
Top: Paddington Bear jacket, secured with a loom band on the waist.
Skirt: Barbie skirt, secured with a loom band on the waist.
Pants: Unknown black lace tights that are too short for her, but I secured the crotch with a loom band.
Shoes: Clone MyScene shoes that do split in half, which I also secured with a loom band.
Belt: A sheer green ribbon, and the black buckle is from a bra strap.

Venus's doll stand was also thrifted for P25 at the thrift store on a different day.

At the thrift store, I also thrifted a green Bratz Study Abroad luggage. I think it's Yasmin's. It had stickers all over it from her stock stickers, but I removed them all because they are randomly stuck on her luggage and I didn't like the look. I was debating with myself if I should paint the lips on the luggage red, or just leave them be.

Then at Daiso, I bought 5 cellphone chairs. They were on sale for P25 each! I bought 2 blue ones, 2 orange ones, and this lone green chair that Princess Grace is sitting on right now, all for P125. I think I need to make a cushion for the blue and orange chairs because the doll would slide off a little when seated on it. I just love doll chairs and sofas. I don't have enough doll stands, so having my dolls sit on these miniature chairs does the job of displaying them.

I still have a lot of things to write about from my trip to the toy store yesterday, but that's for another post.


  1. I got my first (with all limbs) Venus at a thrift shop as well. I made her a dress from one of my daughter's socks (that the mate was missing from!) I haven't posted a photo of her yet.