Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fashion Tea Set

I found this doll tea set at a store for P10! What a deal!

It has an off-scale teapot, three saucers and six teacups. Now the number of saucers in relation to the number of teacups is quite odd, but I don't mind anymore.

I was really interested in the teacups and the saucers at first. They are transparent and come in bright neon colours! How cool is that!

It was very easy to take these out of the packaging. I thought I wouldn't find any use for that giant teapot, but then I realised that my Gigi Grant can use this teapot as her lamp, lol!

Also everything actually fits inside the teapot! Easy storage, yes! What I thought would be a useless teapot is now useful to me.

The lid fits the teapot securely so the teacups and saucers won't fall out of there so easily.

I like the colours of the teacups and saucers so much because they match this inflatable chair I thrifted the other day! Everything is bright and our eyes hurt, hahaha.

Here is... Okay, I hadn't really thought of a name for my accidental afro Ballerina Barbie, but after her makeover, I did brand her as some sort of sassy housewife, so the word 'foxy" comes to mind.

However, the term 'foxy housewife' brings about undesirable search results on Google. And I don't want 'foxy mamma' for her either, just because.

So I thought I could just call her "Foxxy Cleopatra" because her hair reminds me of Beyonce in Austin Powers: Goldmember. Now it's final. This is Foxxy Cleopatra!

Foxxy is loving this inflatable lounge chair so much! It's perfect for doing nothing on a Sunday afternoon!

/March 30, 2017
I just found out that the chair belongs to Sit In Style Barbie! What's funny is that I recently got a Sit In Style Kira doll! This is so cool!

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