Thursday, November 17, 2016

Donating Dolls

Tonight I donated rebodied Barbie and Liv heads to a local department store, including a blonde Kid Kore Katie doll (not rebodied at all) that I just couldn't warm up to when I thought I would before. I also included my nude Paddington Bears that have been stored in a box for months. I just don't think I'll be able to find use for them anymore, so off they went.

I didn't even document the whole thing. It was just something random that I did tonight. I was about to head out for a movie, when I thought, hmm, I could simply drop off a bunch of dolls at the department store tonight. And I sorted through my spare doll body parts box quickly and got what I could manage to put together in a short time, and I think my bag had five to seven nude dolls in it when I left the house.

I feel a little bad that I couldn't dress up the dolls before I donated them, but I think those kids who will get them would be creative and motivated enough to dress them up on their own. 

My body parts box still have a lot of things in it, but they're mostly broken or what I still might need in the future so I'm still holding on to them. I'm actually thinking of styling this particular Barbie head with jagged hair, and cut its hair into a bob so I could somehow salvage it. I've been wanting to do this since I joined this doll restoring group on Facebook. I caught wind of this man's name: Dana Rivenburgh, and he was a beloved member of the group, known for stylishly cutting his Barbies' hair short. Too bad I only joined the group after his death this year. I would have loved to see his fresh doll posts. (I actually saved some of his own doll photos so I could copy their look for my dolls. Thank you, Dana, for the inspiration!)

I just got home and thought that the movie I saw is a waste of time, lol. I still have some energy to sort out additional toys I could donate. Perhaps some plastic toys this time, which I've acquired from buying toys by the lot.


  1. I loved seeing Dana's photos! They were so refreshing and inspiring!

    1. I wish I could find his photos in one place. It took me a while to find them in the group, lol.