Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Test Makeup

I tried doing a face repaint, and wow it's tough.

This is a test doll I thrifted before. Her head is from a Monster High Create a Monster Design Lab. Her eyes and her lips are flat because you're supposed to be sticking tattoos of eye shapes and lips on her when you have the complete Design Lab. 

I tried copying Japan Skipper doll's eyes. It's hard when my watercolour pencils are not sharp enough and do not adhere very well to the surface. I primed the head before, with a liquid satin sealant and a damp sponge, but I don't remember if I removed it or not, haha. So if applying the colours was a bit difficult, then I think it means I didn't put enough sealant on it. Oh and it's just the first layer so I really need to build it up.

It was actually difficult for me to place where the eyes and the lips should go. I think I would enjoy painting on a non-Create A Monster doll because the eyes and lips are defined.

The blush circles were just random. I don't have chalk pastels. Should I get some??

I have white acrylic paint but I was too lazy to bring it out, lol.

I need to learn doing eyebrows much better. They need to be thicker, I believe.

I'll practice more, for sure.

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