Sunday, November 27, 2016

Harumika Dress Form and LPS Blythe Hybrid

I found these while thrifting:

Left: A Harumika dress form with no stand, from the New York City designer dress form set.
Middle: An unidentified anime figure's body. Hope I can identify the owner using this website: A figure of Perona from One Piece. (Thank you for the ID, "Unknown"!)
Right: A Littlest Pet Shop Blythe head, from LPS Blythe Style Skate set.

A clear envelope with some crafting supplies. What I find most important in this is the cutting mat.

Now I have a cutting mat, yes!

Back to the Harumika dress form. It didn't come with a stand so I have to improvise. I have a short wooden dowel, and a balloon cup stuck on a jar lid, which was previously a doll stand I used for my dolls. 

There is a shallow hole underneath the dress form which was for the original stand, so I inserted the wooden dowel through it and it fits perfectly! I don't even need to add glue!

Then I inserted the wooden dowel through the balloon cup and it also fit! Now my dress form with stand is complete. I might leave it as it is, or paint the wood, the balloon cup and the jar lid black to match the dress form's colour.

/What's special about a Harumika dress form is that you can drape pieces of fabric on it and tuck them in the back to secure them. There's a tight slit on the back of the dress form for tucking fabric there so you don't have to sew anything. You can use a ruler to tuck the fabric there if you don't have that special tool that comes from the Harumika set.

Then this anime body Perona figure I found, at first I had a different plan for it because I knew I have an anime head in storage in my new place. While rummaging through the toy box at the thrift store, I found this random LPS Blythe head, then I thought of sticking the Blythe head to the body.

As you can see, the neck hole is just right for the neck peg of this body. So I gave the head transplant a try.

And it works!!

I had a heart shaped wood from a lot of toys and found use for it when I painted it black with a marker and stuck the figure onto it with sticky tack. It works!!

Afterwards, I gave the figure a wash specially the Blythe head because it had paint on its face and hair. I also stuck a lollipop I made from a wooden bead and toothpick to her raised hand to complete the look.

Now these aren't at the thrift store but at a local supermarket. I found this Sikaly doctor doll.

Then I noticed the joints of the doll.

Oh those are Liv joints! This doll has a Liv clone body...

... but I spoke too soon because her feet are Barbie sized and unarticulated. This is still good, because Barbie sized shoes are more accessible than Liv shoes!

And I noticed this cheap doll called Anita. Wow look at all that hair!

And the dress looks somewhat decent! The doll apparently has chopstick legs, but it's nothing a body transplant can't fix, right?


  1. WOAH! I've never seen a copycat Liv doll body before! That's awesome!

    1. You'd be surprised! They've even been cloned from head to toe! I used to see them in my toy store. They were called Ginny dolls, lol.
      Thank you for visiting!! :D

  2. Wow! the Blythe head fits perfectly.

    1. I was surprised when the head swap fit! I felt lucky when I found the LPS Blythe head at the same time.

  3. The anime body is Perona from One piece! :)

    1. Thank you for the ID!! I don't watch One Piece so I had no idea. I have a Nami figure too, so that would be fun to put her and Nami together!