Friday, November 4, 2016

My Doll Shelves So Far

I tried my hardest yet to stay organised with my dolls, but it's not possible at this point when everyone's not here.

A mess.

Back row: Barbie Skooter, Winx Club Flora, Bootleg Frozen Anna, custom Miraculous Ladybug, Moxie Girlz Avery, Cure Bloom, Bratzillaz Meygana Broomstix - basic

Front row: Harry Potter, Burger King Anastasia, My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Cooper with pet Li'l Pinkie, custom I Love VIP Pets Dakota

Back row: Trendy Girl Sindy, Creanna (Paradise Girls or G.I.R.L. Force???), Jem and The Holograms Jem, Lollipop Girls Brigitte ("Cassie")

Middle row: Eloise by Madame Alexander, Takara Licca 1 and 2

Front row: Fairy Tale High Teen Cinderella, Fairy Tale High Teen Tinkerbell, Cutie Pops Chiffon

Back row: Takara Pierre Kayama, Justin Bieber, Petra/Sindy Fred, custom Hit Girl (girl looks like she's been through a lot)

Front row: Topper Dawn, Simba Toys Cinderella, Disney Store Jasmine, Disney Store Pocahontas, Disney Store Sleeping Beauty

Didn't realise that this photo is blurry. It's the only shot I have, ugh.

Back row: Novi Stars Ari Roma, Novi Stars Una Verse, Takara Compact Doll CD-8

Middle row: Neon Genesis Evangelion Misato figure, McDonald's x Madame Alexander baseball girl, McDonald's x Madame Alexander Red Riding Hood, Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji figure, Mini Cure Black, custom Cattleena cow girl, McDonald's x Madame Alexander Tin Man, McDonald's x Madame Alexander Wendy as The Big Bad Wolf

Front row: S.H. Figuarts Red Power Ranger, Star Trek Captain Kirk, Peko-chan, Pacciocchini Babies Curly, 5-sies Quintuplet, Mattel Dazzle, Mattel Honey Hill Bunch Slugger, 

Guardians of The Galaxy Rocket and Groot, my Daruma dolls collection, Gumby and mini Gumby.

Barbies and Liv Hybrids.

Back row: Barbie Fashionistas, High School Musical Sharpay in Liv body, Barbie Fashionistas

From row: Mattel Frozen Elsa in Liv body with Frozen Olaf, Mattel Frozen Anna in Liv body, Mattel Rapunzel in Liv body with Tangled Ever After mini princess Rapunzel, Mattel Ballerina Princess Ariel in Liv body

More mess.

Back row: La Dee Da Tylie as Cotton Candy, La Dee Da Dee City Girl, La Dee Da Sloane as Lollipop Girl, La Dee Da Dee as Bee-licious, Monster High Honey Swamp, custom Barbie and The Spy Squad cat burglar (Monster High Catrine de Mew in 2009 BFC Ink body), Monster High Headless Headmistress Bloodgood, Ever After High Kitty Cheshire, Barbie and The Secret Door Princess Malucia, Ever After High Hunter Huntsman, Once Upon A Zombie Zombie Alice, Bootleg Zombie Princess Zombie Rapunzel

Front row: Monster High Operetta, Monster High Frankie Stein 1 and 2, Monster High Spectra Vondergeist, Monster High Gigi Grant, Monster High Clawdeen Wolf, Monster High Elissabat, Ever After High C.A. Cupid, Bootleg Ever After High Raven Queen, Ever After High Madeline Hatter, Monster High Deuce Gorgon

Almost empty but this shelf will grow.

Left to right: California Dream Midge, So In Style Trichelle, Fountain Mermaid Christie, Animal Lovin Nikki (Kira), Monster High Lagoona Blue, Monster High Ghoulia Yelps, Monster High Lagoona Blue 2, Monster High Clawdeen Wolf

I will rearrange them once again in the future. Perhaps I will take down those small dolls on the fourth partition and display them on a lower shelf. I don't know. I'm not thinking so deep about it.

In other news, look at what was donated at a Jollibee toy box:

It's a Barbie Basics doll with a Carnaval head sculpt! With her stock outfit and shoes! Oh my!!! The kid who's going to get her is so lucky!

At the thrift store, I found some broken Monster High dolls. I didn't buy any of these.


Freshwater Lagoona Blue from the Freaky Fusion 13 Wishes line! I almost got her because I don't have a blue Monster High doll, but I already have too many Lagoonas, so I put her back.

I wanted this Frankie Stein doll, but her hair has been cut in places. I don't want to deal with cut hair, so I left her. She has nice blue streaks though. It makes her extra special.

And that's another Lagoona. Pass.

Draculaura. She's missing a couple of hair plugs. And I have too many Draculauras, too, so nope.

Oh and I told myself I should stop buying dolls this month, but I failed and bought this clone made in Hong Kong. It's not a Barbie doll so I'm still good.

It's a clone doll of Mod Barbie! I love it! Her face is stunning! She has rooted eyelashes and her hair is thick and generously rooted for a clone doll! I just love her face. I don't think I'm that interested anymore in getting a vintage Barbie Silkstone because I now have her. I just prefer her face than a Silkstone's. But I shouldn't close my doors. What if a clone Silkstone comes along my way and I like it too?? Oh no, my wallet...

Her body is mostly hollow, but her legs have wire inside so she can bend her knees!

On the back of the doll, it says that she's a 1968 Princess Grace doll. So now I'm calling her Princess Grace.

Princess Grace went through a dress fitting stage because I don't know how I should dress her up. I even had to ask my friend's opinion about what would look good on her.

In the end, I settled with Curvy Barbie's floral dress and these silver shoes, secured with loom band. And I just realised then that I had some cheap flower earrings I do not use so I impaled Princess Grace's head with one, lol. The flower fits her outfit's ruffles!

The belt is actually the hair tie she came with. The hair tie made an impression on her hair so her hair is not straight looking, but I'm already done with her. I don't want to boil wash her hair anymore. I mean, what if the hair gets fried because of the heat? I don't want to risk it.

Her legs are kinda warped, but I think this makes it easy for me to pose her more elegantly. I don't think I could do this cross-legged pose if her legs were the click type.

Aaaand at Puregold, I found these dolls. They're called Trendy Amelia. I only saw three variants.

Oh a black doll??? That's nice!

I think I like her hat.

Pink, of course.

Here's a closer look of Trendy Amelia's face sculpt. I think I've seen this sculpt before but I can't figure out where. I like that her nose is defined.

The back of the box. So there's just three variants in this series, as photographed on the box. I hope I see more bootleg dolls!!


  1. Your shelves are more organized than my whole craft/toy room! I like that Mod doll, I wish I had one!

    1. I plan to rearrange them again when I'm done fixing another batch of Monster High dolls with no arms, lol. I think I really need to put similar dolls together, but it's quite difficult because I have one or more dolls from different lines that I like. I hope I can come up with something.

      I wish I have a craft room like yours! Mine is just my bedroom and my supplies are stored in different places in my room. Sigh.

  2. I wish I can do this at home, I mean I can't display them because we live beside the street, surely I will need to dust them everytime!

    Beautiful Princess Grace, this is a good clone, I have one too but she's from Japan.

    1. Maybe you can still display them by using plastic cover from National Bookstore to cover the shelves. Of course the more expensive option is to buy a glass cabinet, but nah we're cheap like that, lol.

      Oh yes Princess Grace is really a good clone. I was so shocked to find her in good condition!

  3. You can order replacement arms and some other parts here:

    1. Oh I knew that, but I live in the Philippines and shipping is very costly specially when most of my MH dolls are secondhand. I think having the brand new parts shipped defeats the purpose of thrifting the dolls...

  4. Love that clone Mod Barbie! Your dolls are WAAAY more organized than mine!