Friday, December 2, 2016

Test Makeup Part 2

I am finally able to remove factory doll makeup because I found a nail polish remover that works for me: it's Caronia nail polish remover. I tried it on a Draculaura doll I rerooted a while back and it worked but it took some elbow grease as well. But I also have a bootleg Monster High doll that I've been meaning to repaint, so I also tested it on this doll too.

This bootleg Frankie's head is yellowish compared to her body which is like bone white.

The factory paint easily came off when I used nail polish remover on the doll's face. I noticed right away that the eyebrow paint has really stained the vinyl. It just won't come off completely. Oh well.

After two to three hours, this is what I came up with: a skeleton head. I only used watercolour pencils for this.

I wish I used some acrylic paint and micro brushes, but I didn't have the time and energy for actual painting, so I settled with the pencils. I think the colours would be more vibrant and sharper with acrylic paint, so I will have to consider it next time I do a repaint.

I touched up the bottom of the right eye socket before I took the photo above. I wish I could do more details on the eyes, but I couldn't do so much with just pencils. And my sealant took some of the colour off the doll because of my application by using a makeup sponge. A spray-on sealant is so much better, so I'm on my quest to find Mr. Super Clear.

I was able to hide the eyebrow stains, I think. I applied a bit of white on them then I hid them some more by applying grey and brown.

I think my most favourite out of this project is the hollow nose. The outline of the hole looks more precise than the rest of the outlines I did.

When I get tired of this makeup, I'll just remove it and paint it in a different way. I also want to try "pretty" repaint, not just this Halloween themed makeup. I mean it's forgivable to have stray lines and dirt all over the face, but with pretty princessy kind of makeup, blushing and blending is important. So are neat lines, and attention and patience to small details. There's always room for improvement.

/Oh my goodness, I edited a small image of the one I posted above and blackened the eyes of the doll digitally, and look what happened.

I might keep the face repaint this way and continue work on the rest of the body because of this...


  1. You really love experimenting, I'm also planning to have my first face up, but got no time....and patience like you. I see the nail polish didn't melt part of her face.

    1. Oh yes I like trying out things, if they work or not. I have many MH dolls that I thrifted, I could definitely practice on some, but I tried it on this fakie first, hehe.

      Nope, the nail polish remover is pretty gentle on her face. And I sprayed water on her face and wiped it afterwards, just to make sure.

  2. It looks really great! Kind of like the Lady Gaga Monster High doll.

    1. Thank you, I was somehow going for her look, and Skelita's too, because I don't have her, lol.