Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DIY Doll Books, Toy Boxes, Gadgets, Et Cetera

Wow I made so many paper crafts and I'm not even done. This is what I've done so far:

Some of my miniature books and magazines are shown here, but since the time I posted them, my collection has grown some more. I could probably make a doll library or magazine stand with these, lol. It got to the point that it has become relaxing or therapeutic to make these much, haha.

A miniature Samsung cellphone! It seems one side of the phone isn't that polished yet, but I'll get to that soon.

A miniature iPad! I can only use the front part because the back is just plain cardboard.

Miniature Philippine money! I made it with a front and back design, just like real Peso bills! They're stiff though so they can't be folded, but that's OK.

I also made miniature credit cards, lol.

Miniature toy boxes and toys!

And one of the Halloween masks I made, as shown here.

What I did is I got a free toy store catalog and cut it out. I also had some bank and credit card flyers too (the ones I get with my bank and card statements, or at at the bank when I go visit on a regular basis) with printed gadgets, money, and credit cards on them. I stuck them all on stacked card stock and if I wanted to, I would stick a layer of clear tape on top of the print to make it look glossy.

Here is Lottie posing with some of the items.

Lottie with her Shopkins play set, iPad and P1000 bill

I should take photos of my dolls using the books too. I totally forgot to take some.


  1. I love all your miniatures! How did you make the phone and the iPad?

    1. Thank you. Every time I receive junk mail with my credit cards, or when I go to the bank, I collect the flyers I find with printed phones and iPads (flyers normally about loans and winning gadgets as prizes) which I think might be in-scale to my dolls. So I just cut them out and stick them on card stock, stacked for thickness, file the edges a bit with a nail file, then cover it with clear tape to make them look glossy.