Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas and Stuff

I bought a Jianidi Girl Feelings doll with my card points so I didn't spend cash out of my pocket!

She was on sale at P200 and it's quite difficult to find her at stores because she was put on clearance.

My sister actually played with her when I pulled her out of the box because she likes her short hair so much.

I was a bit surprised that Jianidi's feet are not that movable even though they're articulated. But overall, Jianidi Girl Feelings is a very cute doll!

Also the other day I met with my friend and collected my dolls that she had kept for a long while.

Sorry for the mess but I was so tired when I took this photo and my bed is just disorganized. I mean, look at that yellow bath towel! Haha.

Aside from Jianidi, I got a Mattel Nakoma, and Jane (Tarzan), five broken Monster High dolls including one Frankie that needed a repaint, two Liv bodies that I already used for Nakoma and Jane, an Ever After Lizzie Hearts doll, a vintage Jasmine which I could not identify further, a veterinarian Breyer doll, a bunch of doll clothes and accessories, and a small play set that Lottie might like.

Sadly two of those Monster High dolls (Frankie from the Classroom Playset, and Spectra from Dot Dead Gorgeous) are actually duplicates in my collection, but I thought of just styling their hair differently for variety.

My stepmom also came from the States and brought home these magnets she and my brother bought in the Bahamas. I love the ship magnet!

Oh and let me talk about Lottie's outfit. The top and boots are from the Breyer doll mentioned earlier. The skirt is something I've sewn before. And the socks are from a pack of doll shoes I bought one time. Her bracelet is from a gift ribbon. I'm not sure how to call it but those things were tied to a ribbon I removed from a gift, and I thought they'd be nice as a bracelet for her. The Santa hat was thrifted and it doesn't even stay on her head, so I had to use a loom band to secure it.

Anyway, I made a diorama. Hope it's not too late!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!