Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mini Carousels and Artificial Turf

Yesterday I found these Christmas ornaments shaped into a miniature carousel at Landmark. They're pretty cute.

They were sold for around P80 or more? I don't remember. I thought that buying the whole set is too much for me so I didn't get it. However, they inspire me to make my own for my dolls.

A closeup for my own reference, for when I try making my own. They'd make a good decor on a side table.

Also I bought a piece of artificial grass at Daiso. I admit I'm not good yet in making simple dioramas so I'm going to have to practice A LOT:

I wanted Lottie to look like she's lying down on the grass, taking her time and stuff. I'm not happy with the outcome because the image looks so flat, like the grass is actually a wall. That's because I only have room and budget for one square tile of artificial turf, so with my limited space it would be quite tricky to hide the edges of the turf if Lottie was positioned up right. Also I used artificial light. I think sunlight would give this a much better and believable look. Perhaps it's much better as well to take a picture of her standing up next time. I could probably use thin wires to make her stand up and position her playing on the grass. Hmm how about soccer? I have the ball and small goals from that finger football set I bought once. Lottie would need a soccer outfit, for sure. I could sew her some clothes.

Lottie's dress is thrifted; it was originally worn by a cheap plastic doll made in Hong Kong, and I haven't even washed it yet, lol. Her wave board is a keychain I found at the mall. Her cowboy hat is from I Love VIP Pets. Her popcorn, Barbie camera, green tea (keychain) were all thrifted on different occasions. I bought her blue basket at the supermarket.

Here's to more dioramas in the future!


  1. I love dioramas. I want to try some sooo bad.

    1. Oh just look at your dolly items and see what you can come up with... You just need a few items to make it work. I'll be doing the best I can to make more with the limited miniature items I have. And it's a good reason for me to craft more doll items. :D Try it!!