Friday, December 30, 2016

A Doll Shelfie Before 2016 Ends

So the last time I rearranged my dolls in my new place was in November. However, my phone died so I couldn't take photos. I just went back after a month and brought in more dolls, so the display has expanded.

I didn't do much here other than put Battie on Skooter, as if she's hugging her, and I also inserted Dawn in the middle row.

I didn't do anything in this cubicle.

I inserted my Takara Compact Doll here so that CD-8 is next to my other Takara dolls.

I changed this up so much. I put my La Dee Da dolls at the back row, then some of my Disney-Liv hybrids infront: Rapunzel with a mini Rapunzel, Elsa with a mini Olaf, Anna, and Ariel.

This shelf also changed. It's way less cluttered.

You can't see it very well, but the newest addition to my Daruma collection is a small pink one. It's not the kind that can fall down and roll back up though.

At the back are still the same generic Barbies. I also placed my bootleg Zombie Rapunzel, White Queen from Alice Through The Looking Glass, and Zombie Alice from Once Upon A Zombie in the middle row. In the front row is my vintage Jasmine doll, and a Disney Descendants Evie with a missing left hand. I was lazy to give her a new hand, but I figured, I could deal with Evie having only one hand. I made her necklace using small plastic beads and floral wire. It's not the neatest looking accessory, but it could hold its triangular shape because of the floral wire.

I organised this shelf so that it would only store Monster High dolls, Ever After High dolls, and Princess Malucia. I added Dracularua, Spectra, Lagoona, Venus, and Frankie in the back row. Bootleg Raven and Cupid were placed at the other end of the back row so that they can join my other EAH dolls there.

In the front row is my custom skeleton face doll which is really a bootleg MH doll, Ghoulia, Clawdeen, Lagoona, Gigi, Operetta, Ghoulia, Clawdeen, Elissabat, Frankie, Lagoona, and Deuce.

This shelf is now full! I filled it with Barbies, some hybrid dolls and my small dolls.

At the back row: Midge, Trichelle, Sweetie, Nikki, Summer, Nikki, and Liv hybrids Sharpay, Mary-Kate, Jane and Nakoma.

Middle row: Nikki, Jianidi, Una Verse, Ari Roma. 

Front row: A Kelly-Breyer doll hybrid,  Midge, Christie, Dazzle, "Foxxy Cleopatra", Kira, Princess Grace.

Small dolls: Tin Man, Jumping Rope Girl, Baseball Girl, Big Bad Wolf, baby Curly and a Quintuplet, Peko-Chan, Mini Cure Black, Red Riding Hood, and Cattleena.

This is a mess, but I like the chaos. I don't think I have the strength to go over everything here, lol, so feel free to open this image on a new window to take a look at it much better.

Also, Red Power Ranger (Tyranno Ranger in Japanese) has finally met Gokai Red! Tyranno is a bit taller than Gokai Red, but that's OK. I wonder if I should continue collecting more Red Rangers... oh and they still haven't met my small Gao White figure, and Human Tackle, too.

Not toys, but also my collection. My travel magnet collection is growing! I mostly collect magnets that have names of places on them. 

Here are the Marin Chiclana dolls from my aunt's estate, and my dancing Thai dolls which I haven't removed from packaging, haha. In the background is a glimpse of the 2017 Zodiac calendar my relative drew. I don't think I have the courage to colour this at all. I would simply ruin it, lol.

I leave you with the White Queen still with a hangover from the Christmas season:

The tree was on sale at Daiso because of Buy One Take One promo, but I didn't take another tree as a freebie. Instead I got a leafy reindeer that fits Lottie. I haven't photographed it yet though. Soon!

/Oh I forgot to post this! A comparison of my doll shelfies:


  1. You have a great collections of dolls! I tried emailing you from my job but keep getting interrupted. You were the second runner up for my blog giveaway. If you would still like the prize I will gladly get it shipped out to you. Let me know,! Happy New Year!!

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you! I will email you!! I'm sorry I just saw your message now.