Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Color Me Creepy Add-on Pack

Ah! I found a Monster High Create-A-Monster Color Me Creepy add-on pack! It was on sale for P100!

How it was marked down. Read the bottom tag, then the middle, then the top:

The back of the box:

See, I could play with the temperature and make the outfits change colour...

... but I really don't want my doll items to get wet anyway, so nope. I'm keeping the pen and the little acrylic tub because they're cool.

The pack, still attached to the cardboard backing.

I made my customer skeleton face doll wear one of the outfits which is actually my favourite among the two outfits available, because it has net on it.

I still feel that this doll is incomplete, so I'm still going to work on her soon.

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