Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Doll Fakies

I was at a small toy store and found these dolls. They look good. The brand is called My Sikaly.

I almost bought one because I like the outfits and the doll's face isn't so bad. I don't have this sculpt either.

Then last night I was browsing a Facebook album of a doll seller and learned that these are ripoff versions of the MyScene Icy Bling line. 

Photo from Photobucket
Let me compare them:





MyScene, My Sikaly, get it?
And isn't it Christina Milian on the box of the My Sikaly dolls? Or someone else?

Now that I've seen the originals, I think I prefer the pink fake doll the most because its outfit is the closest to the original MyScene dolls. But no, I won't buy any of these. I have too many dolls, anyway.

I also saw these at the same toy store.

It's just called Fashion Girl. It totally reminds me of It's A Girl Barbie:

A comparison:

What a poor copy. The sleeves of the bootleg doll aren't even puffy. And a pet dog instead of a teddy bear? LOL.

I still like looking at dolls like these even though they're fake. 


  1. It does look like Christina Milian on the box!

    1. It would be funny if I find the actual photo used on the box, lol, but no such luck.