Thursday, December 15, 2016

Once Upon A Zombie - Zombie Pinocchio and Zombie Prince Charming Prototypes!

I was quite surprised that Once Upon Zombie sold off their prototype dolls of Zombie Pinocchio and Zombie Prince Charming on eBay for $4.99 each!

Zombie Pinocchio prototype - eBay

I think it would be great if OUAZ creates a Zombie Pinocchio doll that is in scale with the rest of the Zombie Princesses. He could be a lot shorter but still with the articulation of the other dolls.

Zombie Prince Charming prototype - eBay

I thought Zombie Prince Charming here was a cosplayer, omg! But it's actually a doll. His face is quite feminine, and his elbow joint looks like an action figure's. I hope they come with a better suit for him. He could be taller than the Zombie Princesses.

They also have other doll prototypes on sale, which makes me curious!

Fairy Tale High prototypes! Who would have thought they planned to make boy dolls for this line too??!

Teen Peter Pan prototype

Teen Prince Charming prototype

And there's this line called Pop Art Princess that I've never heard of, but it seems so interesting and very current!

Pop Art Princess Captain Kitty prototype

I would love to adopt Captain Kitty but I don't have the money, lol!

Pop Art Princess prototype

I dug online even further and checked out trademark names filed by United Trademark Holdings, Inc.. Whether they would make toys out of these names, I have no idea, but it would be cool to see their prototypes!
  • Teen Romeo and Juliet
  • Zombie Romeo and Juliet
  • Pop Art Heroes
  • Pop Art Princess
  • The Snow Queen
  • Teen Wicked Witch

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