Sunday, January 22, 2017

Another Doll-Related Haul

Here's my recent haul.

Let me start with the doll because it's a funny story.

I saved this bootleg Frozen Elsa doll! I found her at the mall parking lot!

She was on the grass, stark naked. I felt bad for her so I took her home. I don't know if I'll do anything with her yet, so I put her in my doll parts box.

1,001 Awesome Stickers book! It was tagged as a back issue so it was like 50% off or something because I don't really know the original retail price of this. I bought this for P75.

I love this page. It's stickers that parody famous paintings and statues!

This page is about travel. Not only is it fun to look, it's also very educational.

Robots! I like this page, too.

I think these stickers would really be helpful in my crafting.

These cheap doll items: a beauty set on the left, and a tea set on the right. Each set costs only P10. I only got the beauty set because of the miniature mirror, but I've already found use for the bow clips which is cool. I hope I find use for the rest of the items so it will be worth it. The tea set is perfect for my Lottie World project for a future tea time diorama, except for the spoons because they're too big for Lottie, lol. Oh well.

A 3D miniature house making kit from Japan Home Centre! It's called Kumitate Ritsutai Hausu, or "Assembled 3D house" in Japanese.

Look, there's even a miniature print on the paper insert of what's inside. It's basically just two pieces of styrofoam boards that have been pre-cut. I already cut these prints so that Lottie might use them, lol.

I didn't take a photo of the finished house anymore, but it's really tiny. Like, only my keychain toys and select dolls that can fit in it. I'll take a photo of them by the house next time.

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