Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lottie's World: Picnic

I was feeling motivated last night so I cut my chat time last night with my doll collecting friend, lol, and told her I'd be sewing Lottie some pants... which turned into overalls.

My, my, I somewhat dislike sewing doll pants because I have a tough time cutting the denim in the right shape. I don't use a pattern, that's why. I just rely on measuring as I go. My third attempt was the successful one, as the first and second cuts of fabric I made were too small for Lottie's waist.

Along the process of sewing, I thought of turning the pants into overalls. The heart outline on the flap of the overalls was just a last minute addition, and I thought that it gives the outfit a nice touch.

I used my artificial grass again because I think it's so cool, then I thought of doing a picnic diorama. The blue mat is actually cleaning cloth for my glasses so it's a bit dirty, sorry. The heart shaped case of sweets, which I just realised goes so well with the stitched heart on Lottie's overalls, is an accessory from my La Dee Da doll.

The plate, fork, cake slice and drink are probably Barbie accessories, I'm not sure. The green figure mugging the camera is a micro figure of Om Nom from Cut The Rope. The pink keyboard is an eraser! So cute! It matches with this pink carrying case with the checkered design in the background.

The watch is pretty cute and so tiny; I think it is actually a Licca-chan watch. Licca's pink hair band fits Lottie's head just right. I got Lottie's yellow shirt from the toy seller at Vivo Citi, and the black shoes are from another seller.

I think I want Lottie to wear this outfit for a while. I really like how it looks, and I still have to wash her white long socks because it looks filthy now. I also forgot to mend the red skirt I made for her back then so she can't wear it yet.

I haven't done anything else to my other dolls, lol, but I will get to them later. I have two more second hand dolls coming in soon, so I'll become even busier with more things to do. Sigh. But I will try my best to make time for Lottie and doll photography because it makes the hobby more fun, and it distracts me from looking up dolls that I want to buy, hahahaha!

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