Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lottie's World: Relax Friday

I got home last Firday and was really tired, but I managed to come up with this diorama quickly. I didn't really think things through, though. I just wanted a living room setup.

I actually had a full picture of the room with Lottie sitting down like this, but it didn't turn out well. It was blurry, so I didn't share it anymore. :-/

This leg lamp! It's the Christmas ornament I talked about here. Finally I was able to use it in a doll photo.

A record player I made, based on instructions from Froggy's video. I still have to make vinyl records. Oh that's probably another paper craft I'm going to be crazy about, lol. Jamie, you don't need to make 50 doll vinyl records, OK??!

The dog is a key chain I thrifted. Aww, there's a glare on one of its eyes.

Probably one of my favourite shots, if not for the fallen panel on the side, lol!!

Lottie looks like she's thinking a lot from this angle.

A full shot of the set up.

Ah the panels! Three of them are carpet vinyl tiles, while the back panel is a wood vinyl tile! Pretty cheap and very handy! I bought them at Wilcon depot, and I think I want to get more with solid colours.

The wall art pieces are cutouts from a quilting magazine. I intentionally positioned one of them higher than the other.

The table is thrifted and made by Mattel.

The green figure on the left is a faux grass reindeer I got at Daiso (Buy One, Take One with this Christmas tree). Lottie could actually ride on it, haha.

The white dog is from a local seller and its head can actually move from side to side. It's pretty cute, and quite heavy, too.

The chair is from Daiso.  The toy car near Lottie's feet is from Kinder Surprise egg. I'm not lucky with those eggs because I normally get lousy toys, so I'm glad that I was able to use one of the Kinder toys I got for this purpose.

The cat is made of clay, I think, and I feel bad that its tail is a bit broken. The pet bed is from a lot of toys, and the "pillows" are actually foam flowers that would grow in water.

The lamp stand is actually a vintage TV made by Bandai.

Oh Lottie's hair piece. It's just a Licca hair band, and a pink crown clip attached to it. 

I took a photo of one of my toys afterwards.

It's a 5-sies Quintuplet doll by MGA

Anyway, I made her wear this Hello Kitty dress that came from a lot of toys I bought. I also positioned the cat to be climbing on her arm, and the flowers that were turned upside down in the pet bed earlier are now positioned the right way here.

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