Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lottie's World: Ball Pit

I was at Expressions when I found these packs of tiny styrofoam balls, and I was like, This can be a ball pit!

I went ahead and placed Lottie in the middle of the ball pit I made and took photos. Not so happy with how this first photo turned out because of the glare on Lottie's left eye. :-/

 I like this photo, though.

This is nice, too, because I can see the edges of the ball pit.

I had to add that quilt print on the background when I started taking photos of the ball pit with the wall.

I thought that for the sake of the story, I had to take shots of Lottie taking her first steps inside the ball pit.

And more Before photos, because why not.

One of my favourite shots because I usually shot Lottie's face at a certain angle so she'd be looking straight at the camera, but not this time.

She dove in again.

She had a blast playing in there.

Me taking a step back. As you can see, my desk is such a mess with all the stuff going on for my dolls and crafting, but I can still deal with it.

The box is just an old container of Singaporean pork jerky (bakkwa) from Bee Cheng Hiang. I actually use the box as a container for my paper crafts, as seen here, but I temporarily cleared the box for this particular diorama. The other wall is actually the cover of a Red Ribbon cake box, from the cake we had last month (and yes, the cake was delicious, lol). I used the other side of it in this Christmas photo I took of Lottie, hehe.

I think I want to get another cheap quilting magazine from Booksale, so I could get more patterns I could cut out. The quilt cutouts really come in handy as wall decorations or floor rugs. The one I bought earlier had mostly Christmas quilts on them, so I got lucky with these two that I cut out and stuck on the walls in the photo.

It would have been better if I added strips of paper around the quilt patterns to frame them and make them look like windows, but nah. I was lazy. Maybe next time.

I might slow down with the Lottie's World project, or not. I am not imposing on myself a photography schedule, anyway. Just no pressure. I'd rather take pictures on a whim at night, when I can't sleep and just have to get it done before I lose the inspiration and the momentum. But! I also have to work on my other doll projects because they're getting pushed aside. I've already accepted the fact that I'm that person that can't stand working on the same thing over and over (or if I should, then I should do it fast enough), so I have to do other things to keep myself interested.