Monday, January 9, 2017

Lottie's World: Walking With Dinosaurs

I thought of trying something different for Lottie's World and that is to add some kind of fantasy to this diorama.

I bought a pack of small dinosaur toys which I thought would fit Lottie's proportions. At first, I wanted to just use them as decor for upcoming dioramas, but not anymore.

Here is Lottie walking with the dinosaurs, lol. Ah, all that white space! I wish I did this photo differently, like, I should have placed the dinosaurs diagonally to the left so that they'd be like coming towards to the camera, and to break up the parallel lines in the photo, but oh well. There's room for improvement.

Lottie's outfit is so improvised. I didn't want to sew a costume for her, so I just winged it. I remember I picked up this bowl looking green plastic from the ground when I was in the province one time. It was trash, but I thought the shape was quite interesting. That became Lottie's helmet, secured by a loom band. The fur is from a La Dee Da doll fashion pack and I stuck it on the helmet using sticky tack.

Her arm and leg bands are from the Monster High Color Me Creepy pack. Finally I was able to find use for these things because they looked so awkward on my Monster High dolls for some reason.

Look at how the dinosaurs gravitate towards her, haha.

She kinda reminds me of My Little Pony and Princess Mononoke here, hahaha.

And this is where the fantasy theme sets in, because you don't normally see toys climb up to their owner, right, let alone small dinosaurs, lol. I made one of them hang onto Lottie's shoulder. That should have been the pterodactyl's place, but its wings are so wide so it won't fit in there.

I hope I get to do more dioramas and practice some more with my mobile photography.