Monday, January 16, 2017

A New Paper Craft, and Lottie's World: I'm Just Really Tired Edition

Last week or so, I found this gift wrapping paper with Japanese paper fans as the design. It was quite worn out compared to the other gift wrapping paper on sale, but I chose this because I thought I could cut them out into tiny paper fans.

They're doll sized paper fans! Lots of them! My dolls could use these as accessories, or I could use them for doll wall decor. Awesome.

Also I was going through some doll clothes and found this sweater I made for Honey Swamp using an old sock. It was pretty worn out but I thought that Lottie might still be able to use it, even for one last time.

I don't know what came over me when I made this scene, lol. I think I wanted Lottie to shovel snow, hahaha.

I changed the back panel, just because.

The yellow lamp is from Mattel. The shovel is from a Pocahontas boating set, I believe. The hat and the watch are probably Licca's, I'm not sure. The black socks are cut-off legs from this failed sewing project of a custom Violet Parr doll. The shoes are actually generic bootleg sneakers that I've modified with a crafting knife to fit Lottie's feet. The soles have been removed, the back of the shoes have been cut off, and the inside has been carved to accommodate's her feet. I stabbed my thumb in the process, ouch. Also I have removed the factory paint with nail polish remover. I was thinking about painting it, but white sneakers look cool. I'll keep them that way.

The dog's hat is from a chocolate dispenser. The dog's scarf is a fabric I dyed with purple stamp ink. It's actually the prototype skirt of my custom Hit Girl doll. It was a bit loose, so I secured it at the back with a small clothes pin. See, you shouldn't really throw away your old failed projects. They might come in handy again someday.

Here's another diorama I did afterwards. I have no idea what I'm going for here either, lol. I'm just really tired, OK.

Lottie's hat is from Paddington Bear. The suitcase is from a gashapon capsule. The tiny crab, watermelon, rainbow heart, and white maryjanes are actually rubber erasers. I forgot which company made that pink chair. The figure on top of it is the pet (?) of Mini Cure Black. The cactus is from a key chain. The cat is made of clay or ceramic, and the pet carrier is made by Mattel. 

I'm exhausted, not from making these simple dioramas, but because of this day. Thank goodness it will be over soon. I'll go back to regular Lottie's World posts soon, where Lottie is actually doing something in my photos, lol.

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