Monday, January 16, 2017

Toys At Landers Superstore

Look what I found at Landers Superstore!!

This dollhouse! It's huge! It's called KidKraft Country Estate dollhouse.

The kitchen. That barbecue grill is too cute! I had to touch it and open the inside. Yes, there were plastic grills inside!

The living room. And look at that price tag. P10,999.75. Omg, I can't. It's so expensive.

The other rooms. The dollhouse was placed high on the shelf so I couldn't reach the rest of the rooms.

The garage. The doors open and close.

An this is the first time I saw a Monster High Mega Bloks set.

Here's Frankie in Mega Bloks form.

And there were these Project MC2 and American Girl sets, but no dolls. :-/ I would have been utterly surprised if there were Project MC2 dolls.

Just had to take more photos of the dollhouse. It's just huge.

I don't think I'd be able to handle something like this, lol. It takes up so much space.

Hope Landers can stock up on dolls.

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