Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lottie's World: Soccer

I made another simple diorama using the artificial turf I got from Daiso. Well, I like soccer, so...

I just realised that Lottie's outfit somewhat resembles a Minion's, lol. Well, at least she's not wearing black gloves and big goggles.

So I used the soccer ball and goal from this set. The green stump on the left is actually a McDonald's Munchkin head! Very vintage! The squirrel is probably from a Pocahontas set. The Teddy bear is something my sister threw away but I managed to save. It's from Blue Magic. The orange backpack is perhaps from a Bratz Boy doll. The pink case with the checkered pattern was used earlier here, and it's called Ecole Fleur from Bandai, but I can't find more information about it online. The illustration is a magazine print of a quilt!

Lottie is not exactly leaning on the case or the red backdrop. I stuck hair pins on her back and her left foot so that I could position her much better. I really wanted her foot to go higher but this is how high it can go while supported by the hair pin. I was also supposed to stick the soccer ball on her foot with sticky tack, but the ball keeps falling down, so I just positioned it on the ground, to hide the hair pin.

I'm thinking of making more dioramas but with the limited number of doll props I have, I will have to think harder and improvise.

I'll make more clothes for Lottie, that's for sure!

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