Sunday, January 29, 2017

Some of My Barbies

I took photos of some of my Barbies because I had nothing to do, lol. Some of them have been rebodied.

Fashionista Nikki. I like that coat but the sleeve holes are quite small.

Sweetie. I did not know what to put on her so I came up with this.

Nikki with flat feet.


Film Director Nikki on a ballet body.

Fountain Mermaid Christie. I love her pink hair.

My Afro Nikki, Foxxy Cleopatra. She's a ballet Barbie on Film Director's body.

Animal Lovin Nikki whom I call Kira instead.

Hawaii Midge looking a little drunk, don't you think.

California Dream Midge. I like her hair up in a bun.

Trichelle from So In Style. I have not removed the swimsuit I made for her since July last year, lol.

Two random blonde Barbies I put in dresses.

And a Chelsea-Breyer hybrid. I thought it's a cool match. The body is from a Veterinarian Breyer doll.


  1. The fountain mermaid christie rocks the pastel 80's style.. totally my aesthetic

    1. Glad you like her! She's really a cool looking doll!!