Saturday, May 6, 2017

Doll Pool Party

I hosted a doll pool party not long ago, and my friend came over together with her son, and her younger sister. It was fun.

Asha striking a pose by the window.

I almost called this a 'tea tree pose', hahaha. It's simply a tree pose.

A group photo! The girls are all excited to swim! There's Ariel, Printeta (yeah, it's just a bastardisation of the Filipino word 'prinsesa', or 'princess' in English, but my friend kept calling her that and it stuck), and Fringe, and there's Asha and Lottie.

Asha and Lottie.

Fringe somewhat floating away from me, haha.

This donut pool float is really cool!!

My friend's kid with Lottie.

Asha and her sail boat float.

Ariel can't swim so she hangs on for dear life on Asha's pool float!

Lottie playing on her own.

Asha striking a few poses by the pool side.

"Look at me, no hands!!"

Lottie underwater. She really does float, haha.

I don't know if I can do something like this again. It's because I found out that said friend is leaving the country soon. It made me sad when I heard the news, but I'd rather she leave if it's going to make her and her family's life much easier. Sigh.

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