Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rehearsal and New Dolls

Sorry, I haven't been around here for such a long time, but it's been a busy month. Anyway,

Asha's been to a private rehearsal, but not to yoga class. She was quite overwhelmed in the photo because she was called "the famous Barbie" by this guy in the photo.

Perhaps she can make it tomorrow, Thursday, at the yoga studio. We'll see.


My free samples from Lottie dolls are here!! I'm so excited to go back to doll photography and take photos with my first Lottie, and these two new girls. I wonder what I should call them...

Also I noticed that Branksea Festival Lottie is now Lottieville Festival Lottie. Hmm...

I'll be back, I promise!!!


  1. Thats so coo, Im really pleased for you!

  2. You are so lucky to receive free samples! Way to go!

  3. Girl you've got the Lucky streak! Keep it up!