Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My New Lottie Dolls, and Asha's First Concert

I finally had the time to unbox my new Lottie dolls! So excited to actually use them in doll scenes!!

Here's Muddy Puddles Lottie. I'm so happy to get her. She's one of my favourites from the line, and is very appropriate for the weather now, which is rainy!

The back of the box.

I didn't need to destroy the box to get her out of it. It was fairly easy!

Here's Lottieville Festival Lottie. I love her complexion!!! And I remember that she used to be called Branksea Festival Lottie. I wonder why her name changed.

The back of the box.

All my Lottie dolls together!! Look at how worn out my first Lottie is, hahaha!

I also got a scooter set, so that my Lotties can play with it outside!

The back of the box.

In other news, Asha and I went to a concert. This is one of those rare times that I'll post photos of myself, so brace yourself, lol.

We were VVIPs at the show! I didn't let her take a photo with the star of the show though, given the perks we had, because I was... well, shy.

Asha watching the countdown. She was a little anxious about it.

A friend took this. Look at how eager she looked to watch the concert, haha. Some of my online friends have finally met Asha and they even had their photos taken with her! It's an amazing night!

My friend shared her Weng weng alcoholic drink with Asha, to calm her down hahaha. Asha, that's too much. Don't drink everything, please!!

Here's Asha enjoying the show!

Now the bear in the photo above is Mangosteen, and Asha and Mangosteen have met before, but I forgot to take a photo! Mangosteen is so lucky to have her photo taken with that guy right there! Maybe Asha will have her own moment next time!

We also didn't make it to the yoga studio anymore because I was so busy. Look forward to Chapter 2, Asha, OK???

By the way, an old friend even came to the show and gave me a gift: a Made to Move Soccer Barbie, omg!!! I will post photos of her soon!


  1. Sounds like both you and Asha had a really good time!

  2. Go Girls! Congrats! So is it just Dave? I thought there were others in the group The Moffats?

    1. His brothers already came here last February. He was busy so he couldn't make it, but he had time this May so he went alone. It was fun. He was here for the whole month!