Sunday, May 7, 2017

Asha's Half Boat Pose

Remember this post I made about Asha's fifteen minutes of fame? I mentioned a manager. Well, I met the manager of my favourite band, and had the chance to show Asha to him. He liked her! He immediately tried to manipulate Asha's body to do a certain yoga pose, but she kept tipping to one side when he puts her down on the table, lol. I kept telling him that wire or some kind of support would keep her balanced.

Anyway, I wanted to work on the pose he tried on Asha, so I made this.

She did a half boat pose, but for some reason, her hip joints won't let her bend even more to create that tight V-shape with her body. Instead we have this. It's all right... I mean, yoga is a journey and an internal dialogue with oneself in real life anyway. You're not expected to do a certain yoga pose properly on the first take. There will be times when you'll keep falling or tipping to the side, but repetition is the key and you will be able to do a pose properly at one point. It takes time for muscle memory to kick in, anyway.

I didn't use wire to stabilise her; I used a long paint brush, haha! And I finally made a yoga mat for Asha. It's just a piece of foam I cut to size.

Hope I can take more photos of Asha! And of course, Lottie. I haven't updated my Lottie's World project recently. I've just been really busy, that's why.

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