Friday, May 5, 2017

A Photo Dump! [Part 12]

Oh my, it's been a while since my last post. Please forgive me.

My brother sent me these photos of Monchhichis at Hong KOng. I don't collect Monchhichis, but they look cute.

Here are additional photos from the doll pool party I hosted. I haven't posted my photos yet, but they will be on my next post. These images were all taken by my friend.

Oh Asha, you're so theatrical. LOL

Ariel really can't swim, hahahaha.

The squad.

Asha, what are you doing????

Ariel on the side of the pool because she can't swim, hahahaha.

More theatrics from Asha.

I love the pool floats I got at the mall.

This is my friend's child, by the way. And I gave them a Kung Fu panda toy. He played with it in the pool.

Now here is a set of 3D puzzles that I bought at a thrift store. It was marked down really low because nobody wanted it. I did assemble the pieces but it was missing one sheet. That's all right.

I haven't taken photos of the puzzles yet because they take so much space when displayed, so I stuffed them all in a paper bag, in the mean time. I might have to fix some of the puzzles when I finally take them out of the bag.

A trip to Daiso at Fairview Terraces:

Ah, a banana rack. Perfect for making your own hanging egg chair for your dolls.

These food picks. They're so cute, they can be used as doll wands or scepters.

I believe this is a bamboo mat used for rolling your own maki, but I thought I could use something like this as a background for my doll scenes.

This pack full of cats. The paint job isn't that good, but they're still cute, and perfect for doll dioramas.

Needles of varying sizes. Perhaps this is handy for rerooting. I don't like rerooting though. It takes so much time.

Window stick memo. I thought these are cute and can be used for doll diorama, but they're flat. This gave me an idea, I can make window treatments on their own, then I can just stick them temporarily to a panel whenever I need a window in the background of my diorama. That might work.

I saw this doll called Pretty Angelia at SM Department Store. Her face is from the Buni dolls I've seen before, and her body is your generic clone Barbie body. I like her hair though. It's a combination of brown and light pink hair. It's pretty cute, and looks silky.

Here's to me making more posts this month. I struggle, but I know I will be able to do it.

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